Elements of a Video Production

Every successful production is a result of the execution of each, or a variation thereof, of these elements. Their impact on cost is only a matter of degree.

Pre-Production & Preparation

This initial & critical phase consists of all initial meetings with you, the client, leading up to field production & editing. We utilize a needs assessment process where the purpose for the project is clearly defined, target audience is pinpointed, and an outline of the script for the project is agreed upon. Conceptual ideas are then fielded, visual content, design elements, and music are discussed along with aligning with company goals & objectives.

Also part of this phase is all preparation for the production shoot days; scheduling, casting of on-camera & voice over talent, (including reviews with client), crew hiring, equipment procurement, location scouting, construction of sets, props, & wardrobe.


In most cases scripts need to be produced from scratch. This phase is part of pre-production yet draws off of the Creative line in the budget. Scripting consists of discovery meetings, research, production of a first, second, & final draft script(s).

Field Production

In most cases scripts need to be produced from scratch. Production costs include fees for the procurement of locations, payroll for production staff & crew, camera, sound, & lighting equipment rentals, set dressing, props, & staging, cast & crew transportation & meals, & insurance.

Talent Costs & Expenses

In most cases scripts need to be produced from scratch. Talent consists of all persons appearing on camera in principal & supporting roles, voice-over artists, & animals. Costs associated with their roles such as transportation, lodging, & wardrobing are also part of talent costs & expenses.

Post Production – Editing

In most cases scripts need to be produced from scratch. Post Production is when everything comes together and the fruits of our extensive pre-production, scripting, & quality field production is realized. Editing is accomplished digitally with computer-based systems and software to incorporate all video, graphics, music, animation, (if included), and other elements. This entirely digital process makes future revisions much more cost effective than other means. Included is the design & production of necessary graphics, and voice-over recordings, which are made at a professional sound studio. Two reviews of rough-cuts are made available before final finishing.

Profit, Overhead, & Contingency

The production fee covers administrative costs, limited overruns, contingencies, and overhead, typically 25% of direct costs. Most importantly this prevents us having to come back to you for additional money as things change.


Creative fees cover scriptwriting and the time spent by the director of the project for client meetings, pre-production planning, script breakdown, production days, post production planning, & post production. The director takes the “gods eye view”, of the entire project, creating and executing the purposeful vision born in the initial phases of pre-production.

Delivery & Distribution

This extremely important step converts the digital master of the finished work for the display medium of choice; broadcast television, DVD, internet, etc. This phase includes digital mastering, digital output, compression for computer playback, & archiving. It is normally best that the production company control this process to conserve the production value the has gone into the project in it’s entirety.


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