Corporate Interview Shoot Tips – Clothing


• Avoid the color white if possible.

• Bright pastels, especially yellow should also be avoided if possible.

• Black is not optimal, but better than white. Mid to dark tones are better.

BEST – deeper cool solids that contrast skin color: blues, greens, purples.

Coat and Tie- A medium blue shirt is vastly better than white a shirt w/ dark jacket.

Very dark skin – Stick with darker colors, ie dark blues.

When deciding on coat & shirt colors, it’s best to keep contrast minimized by choosing darks & mediums, or mediums and lights.  Try to to avoid mixing darks & lights.



• Avoid busy, uniform patterns; herringbone, tight stripes.

• Wider stripes are ok.



• Wearing glasses usually OK, but best if can be removed, especially if lighting reflects back and creates glare.

• Remove trade show badges.




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