Camera Setups – Part 1

san-diego-video-production-camera-setups-1When discussing camera formats and setups while planning for a shoot, always ask about the final deliverable and how the client will use the footage – both now, and in the future.  Is it for broadcast?  Web?  Corporate meeting?  Boardroom? Any or all of the above?   How long is the finished piece, and will your shoot be the only footage used, or are you trying to match with existing footage or future footage – if so, have them send you samples if available.  Confirm the aspect ratio: sometimes things are currently shot in HD for longer footage shelf life, but the current plan is to broadcast or display in standard def so it needs to be shot “4×3 safe”.  And by the way, almost nobody cares if you shoot in drop frame or non-drop frame time code these days…extra credit for whoever knows what this even means!



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