Titleist Performance Institute updates Golf Channel series

Sloan Productions provided all video crew and production support for the 9th consecutive year for “Titleist Performance Institute“, a 10-episode series that airs on Golf Channel in spring 2013.  This year marks a departure from the legacy “Golf Fitness Academy” show, seeking to better display all the different aspects of the TPI facility and program, once again starring TPI co-founders Dr. Greg Rose and Top 100 Golf Instructor Dave Phillips.  Where past years shows were all about fitness and shot in the gym, this year we took the production mobile to go all around the state-of-the-art facility, highlighting instruction on the practice tee, bunkers, rough and greens, as well as inside the newly-revamped gym.  Director Bob Sloan and DP Jeff Landie helped come up with the new shoot workflow, creating efficient and nimble shooting and lighting scenarios so the show could easily move from inside to outside, while still achieving the goal of shooting all episodes in 5 shoot days.  Exterior lighting consisted of large HMI instruments.  Longtime Producer Jen O’Neal oversaw the shoot and the post production.  Golf Channel’s Bridget Cugle coordinated, and Executive Producer Kevin Schultz oversaw creative to make sure the programs once again met and exceeded the expectations of flagship sponsor Titlest.   Shot in High Definition, four Sony XDCAM HD PDW-700 camcorders were used, and a full lighting and grip crew helped transform TPI’s facility into a television studio for the show.  Time lapse exterior shots of the facility were shot by Bob Sloan, to help create a new and dynamic show opening segment.


Photo Credit: Jeff Landie



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