Behind the Scenes with Simon Tabron

Shooting behind the scenes of still shoot (Smashbox Studios) for ESPN Magazine with BMX rider Simon Tabron, at at Tony Hawk’s location – vert ramp in Vista, CA. While Simon did some of his iconic moves, including his “gut killer” or something like that where he puts the handlebars in his ab area and planes out his body, balancing it in a hoizontal position.  The other move was “the surfer”, where he stands with one foot on handlebars and one foot on seat and rides it like a surf board.  Then we did a sit down interview in the vert ramp with Field Producer – Malinda Adams.

Known primarily for his vert riding, 540 variations and a solid 900, Simon Tabron turned pro in 1990 winning three consecutive Vert World Championships (2002-04) and is the only current Vert competitor to ride with no brakes. His smooth style produced the first back-to-back 900s in competition history at X Games ’07, where he earned his second silver medal. Tabron has added a more than a few awards to his trophy case, including Gravity Games gold in ‘02 and seven X Games medals – silver in 2007 and ‘09 in addition to five bronzes along the way. A Liverpool, England, native, Simon has made the move to Southern California to cut down on travel time and enjoy life by the beach.

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Photo Credit: Scotty Graham

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